on privet posters, or rather, how you got there via a busy year

Somewhere you read 2008 is the year of getting busy building for the future..uhmm
Sure you where busy up to now!
This post is just to make a list of what you have been up to so far and a few upcoming events as well.
You, reader, might or might not know you are involved in a number of collaborations/collective artistic outputs, so below you’ll list what happened lately/still to come under the headlines of:

with this collective you do lots of work since 2001 and for the past 3 years the output focus mainly on the Redfern/Waterloo Tour of Beauty and the annual SquatFest.
The Tour is getting curated in various events, the latest being part of a parallel exhibition of the Biennale of Sydney 2008. Next one is next Monday (the 11th), requested by a number of geography students from Germany. You can read about this project through several platforms, you like this one.
SquatFest happen every year in a reclaimed space in Sydney, always a different one, in an attempt to show the amount of unused spaces this real-estate-addict city offer. Warehouses, office blocks and abandoned theaters stuck in real-estate speculation loop-holes.

BigFAG Press: about 3 years ago we collectively acquired an offset proof press, the FAG 104. This is a 4 tonnes industrial machinery, made redundant commercially even if uses totally current technology. Nowadays the proofing is done digitally, while the printing is still done with offset technology.
Being a proofing press the BigFAGPress can only deal with small-run outputs, which is fine for artistic printing adventures. So here we have it, located in a artist warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney, we launched it to the public in May this year, and have been busy printing for the like of Ruark Lewis, the BreakDown Press collective and James Dodd.
You will be printing on the press this week. You have designed your own artwork (the first personal printing adventure since the start of it all) taking advantage of the facility to create a limited edition poster which will be exhibited this coming friday (see below).
WeedyConnection: this is where you delve into self-driven investigations. The whole thing started back in 2001, with a project you did as part of a university degree assignment (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
You really liked what you did back then (see a short doco edited of the WeedKiller/PestController project here), so much that in 2006 you revived it as part of an outdoor exhibition in Wollombi, NSW.
That’s when you started this blog, set up the database (which since had to be taken down and is in the process now of a major re haul) and started to propose various happenings on the subject, like when you where artist in residence in Bundanon. This year started with a contribution to Gang, an Indonesia/Australia artist exchange, followed by a group-show (the Science-Fair show) in February, and inclusion in a couple of curated outdoor exhibition (Riverworks, curated by Bronwyn Tuohy in March and the Cooks River Festival in April).
Which takes us to July, when you collaborated with the Makeshift duo in The Hanging Gardens and Other Tales (the postings below with pots and stories are a double posting exercise of yours, which might confuse the reader a bit, therefore this posting).
The Hanging Gardens and Other Tales got lots of media attention, all the way to prime time TV coverage on Chanel 7.. astounding..
Now, this coming friday there is another group show, 888, an attempt by the curator Mark Gerada to bask in the Olympic glory and present a multi-vocal interpretation of what China is to people living in Australia. That’s what the poster printed you just finish printing on the BigFAGPress is for. A poster about Chinese Privet, declared weed in Australia.
and probably you forgot a number of things.. like the Fagette, Zine Fairs, the upcoming WeedBusters week contribution.. oh dear.
Come tonight!

Hi all!
do come along to the opening ceremony of 888, the art show which will take the sport extravaganza to new record heights!

Where: China Heights, 257 Crown Street, Darlinghurst
When: easy to remember, the 8th of the 8th of the 8th..(this friday) 6-9pm (you come at eight you will be fine)
Web: www.888exhibition.com
Who: Zanny Beggs, Melody Willis, Deborah Kelly and Wei Lai, Aris Prabawa, Jessie Brett, Spat&loogie, Locust Jones, PMFK and Syan, Brian P., Keg De Souza, Diego Bonetto, Sarah Ball, Sumugan Sivanesan, Andrew Barnum, Lissa Barnum, Jaqueline Gothe, Mickie Quick, Georgia Wallace Crabbie.
Curated by Mark Gerada
Chances are you either are in it or your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is showing something!

Be there, Chinese beer to spare!

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