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The Science Fair
at firstdraft

20th February – 8th March 2008
Opening: 20th February 6pm – 8pm
Artist Talks: 8th March, 4:30pm

Diego Bonetto
Marley Dawson
Naomi Derrick
Anna John
Matthew P. Hopkins
Vicki Papageorgopoulos
Emma Ramsay
Matthew Tumbers
Alex Vivian
Simon Yates
curated by Kat Barron

The Science Fair is an extravaganza of accidents, experiments, anomalies and serious discoveries, featuring ten of Sydney’s blue ribbon tricksters. Highlights include gigantic exploding volcanoes, overgrown weeds, crystalised ghosts, bizarre body parts, horrifying canned foods, mysterious mythical creatures, sexy machines, dripping contraptions, interactive painting videos, postal maps of the universe and more excitement than you can imagine. The Science Fair showcases explorations of lo-fi aesthetics, d.i.y. science, kitchen chemistry, obscure logic and homegrown illusions. This exhibition explores the artistic processes of an interesting array of Sydney based emerging artists, who all share a commonly d.i.y. aesthetic and spontaneous approach to art making. The broad individual practices of these artists cross between the mediums of sound, installation, performance, video, drawing, sculpture and critical research, to create inventive and investigative experiments.

firstdraft is open Wednesday to Saturday:12 – 6pm
116-118 Chalmers St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9698 3665

Part of firstdraft’s Emerging Curators Program.
This program has been generously assisted by Arts NSW.

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