on September weather, cold and windy


September’s here, according to Australian calendars spring starts on the first of the month, for some reason unknown to you.
As far as you know the start of spring is the spring equinox, on the 21st. That was true for civilizations as old and as far apart as Mayan and Greeks, Egyptians and Celtic, but for some reason unknown to you, here it starts on the first of the month, anybody out there can explain this?
Nevertheless with this post you follow on with the weather predictions for the year, as per the ‘Marking Days’ knowledge, imported and grossly adapted to the southern hemisphere.
August didn’t end up to be a big shower, but instead rained for a few days at the beginning to then burst into a beautiful sunny first half, followed by ten days of torrential rain.
Let’s see how accurate the Marking Days prediction for September will unfold.

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