On Sticky Weed


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Also known as Asthma Weed, Parietaria judaica.
It is native to continental Europe, and it behaves pretty much in the same way over here, clinging on wall’s crevices and thriving on grossly un-natural sites, like concrete’s cracks and gutters.
It is one of the most successful pioneer plants, one of the few who can deal with our destruction of the environment, claiming back ecosystems.

Sydney’s Marrickville council is running a campaign at the moment against this plant, stressing the fact that pollens generated by the flowering of the specie can cause respiratory allergic reaction.

I would love to see Marrickville council do the same campaign, together with information booklets on how to suppress it, about cars and what they are doing to our air.

Below is an easy recipe for Sticky Weed, taken from an italian book: Piante Selvatiche by C. Gamacchio.

Maccheroncini alla Parietaria

Maccheroncini (a kind of pasta) 200 gr
Parietaria 100 gr
Besciamella 50 gr

Cook the maccheroncini “al dente”.
Steam the parietaria, salt and blend.
Add besciamella and chilly to taste. Fold the sauce in the pasta, serve immediately

Parietaria was also used in the past to clean glass and mirrors.

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