on talks, other’s weeds and old pictures

You are giving a talk about your practice as part of the Artist’s Talks session in conjunction with the latest show:
Saturday 8th of march, 4.30pm
FirstDraft Gallery, 116-118 Chalmers St, Surry Hills, NSW

You are grossly unprepared for this one, at the moment working full time installing Fiona Hall at the MCA, leaving little time for your own projects. As someone said a while back about the situation of artist in Australia, Don’t Give Up Your Day Job.

You can relate to that so much, having to keep up with the compulsive disorder which is the “Weed Project” for you, before and after hour.

Still the display at First Draft is bringing back lots of unsolicited responses, all positive and some downright flattering, particularly in relation to the talk video, where you outline some of the driving concepts behind this exercise.

In the mean time you caught-up with the makeshift duo, Karl n Tessa, who provided you with a few images from the Art in the Park event they curated in December last year:


thanks guys!

Karl and Tessa are just back from Alice Spring where they were invited to be part of Shifting Grounds,

21 days of Art and Performances throughout Alice
Shifting Ground showcases over 40 local, interstate and international artists across a number of publicly accessible, indoor and outdoor sites in Alice.
These artworks link people to nature, art and ideas; tell stories of people and place and explore the concepts of sustainability and ecology.

For this event Makeshift spent three weeks working as ‘artists-in-residence’ at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden,

investigating the layered histories of the site and its potential as a catalyst for dialogue and exchange. The project culminated in a solo exhibition, They talk of ‘disphorrea’, consisting of a site-specific installation and collection of works on paper.

You can see the project here.


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