on the danger of loosing landmarks

In the 1940’s a farmer north-west of Sydney devised a new way to interact with the landscape in order to minimize the loss of topsoil due to erosion, store water and enhance the ability of the soil to regenerate and keep healthy.
The farmer was P.A.Yeoman, and is regarded by many as a pioneer in sustainable farming.
Yeomans developed the Keyline sustainable agricultural system and built the first on farm irrigation dams in Australia.
Recently the property where he developed the system has been sold to a developer, who eagerly wants to turn it into a housing estate.

A group of locals, scientists and heritage officers set off a campaign to prevent such development.
Below is a video of the group itself from ABC’s 7:30 Report, who aired the story in December.

You can also read an article from the local press here, and get in contact with the opposing group here

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