On The First Moon of Winter or On The New Access Point

Pic thanks to Prescott!

You spent the past 3 days re-editing and re-writing the code for the WeedyConnection online extravaganza. It was long overdue, many parts of the virtual presence of this project were obscurated by other parts or, even worse, unrelated.
You needed to re-shape the whole expirience and the way visitor access the project.
So you’ve written a splash page which will be the starting point for people finding this site.
There’s a quote in the WordPress site which you find quite amusing, it goes “Code is Poetry“.

You keep reminding yourself while having all sort of impagination problems and browsers incompatibilities (invariabily with Internet Explorer) that after all, you’re writing poetry.
Most other web developers would use some program like Dream Weaver or something, but you’re a code writer (?).

Anyway there it is, now when people dropping into your website through searches (quite a lot) will be welcomed by an introduction page which will make them aware of not only the Database but also of this Blog, the Italian one, the Youtube channel and the Flickr Page.

While you were at it you also changed slightly the background and added a number of links so that virtual components are interrelated.

All the while tha first moon of winter is turning full, and more knowledge of Marking Days gets gathered, but this would be another post.


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