on The Hanging Gardens and Other Tales


Do you have a potted friend that means something special to you?
Perhaps a hanging succulent that’s followed you from one home to the next?
Would you like your plant’s story to be part of an exciting new project
about these oftenoverlooked neighbours? … Then we’d love to hear from you.

Contact the artists:

Karl Logge, Tessa Rapaport & Diego Bonetto
Email: hanginggardens[a]makeshift.com.au
Phone: 0411 293178

Contact Underbelly:
Email: bridalregistry[a]underbelly.com.au

Please get in touch If you are interested in taking part or have any questions.

We are a small team of green-thumbed artists putting together a one-off
installation at CarriageWorks made up of pot plants on loan from local residents.
The installation is part of the Underbelly Public Arts Lab, and will be assembled
between the 1st – 11th of July. Your green friends can be brought in to us
at CarriageWorks throughout this time, and will be carefully looked after
until the 14th of July when they can return home. We would also like each plant
to be accompanied by a short letter of introduction from its owner,
sharing a little something of its history or personal significance to you
(handwritten notes are most welcome).

The Hanging Gardens and Other Tales
will be open to public every day 6pm>9pm
from July 3>13 plus lots of other festival and special opening times.
Underbelly for details

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