on the sweet sweet pittosporum

sweet pittosporum- berries, originally uploaded by the weed one.

pittosporum ondulatum.
In terms of weeds this is an interesting example, as is NATIVE and ENDEMIC to the area where this image was taken.
Yet, since European settlement and subsequent disruption of the landscape, this plant went well beyond the original pocket of growth, now being wide-spread the east and west coast, out-competing other vegetation.
This is one of the winners as Tim Low would have said in his books, one of the native species that actually benefited from human disruption.
Two particularity of the plant gave it the edge in comparison to other better suited to the environment:
1- It does not rely on fire to germinate, and in this modern Australia, were fire is increasingly controlled to minimize damage to property, such peculiarity is very important
2- It does well in rich soils, as opposed to other native vegetation that did adapt to a soil rather poor in nutrients

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