on touring whitlam’s weeds

Canterbury council is organizing a festival along the shore of Cooks River, in Undercliffe, Sydney:
R i v e r w o r k s 2 0 0 8
Gough Whitlam Park
Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 March
Bayview Avenue, Undercliffe
(2 minutes walk from Tempe train station)
10am-3pm both days

As the organizers say in the website:

Welcome to the third Riverworks Environmental Sculpture Competition!

This is a free event where we invite you to come along and create an environmental sculpture in picturesque Gough Whitlam Park. The theme for your environmental sculpture is the Cooks River and surrounds, which will be flowing gently past you while you get creative.
This year we are running Riverworks over two days instead of one, so that we can invite more people along to enjoy our community art event beside the Cooks River.
Also a new category for professional artists has been added to our competition. Specific artists will be invited to make artworks a month prior to Riverworks, and then they will be displayed for us all to enjoy over the two days.

You’ve been invited, another park, the usual species, another tour.

This time you decided to actually take people around and point at the plants, 1 pm saturday and 1 pm sunday, guest seem to enjoy that!
A pamphlet will be available on the day, and if you feel like supporting this project (please?) a limited edition, signed full color version of the reader will be for sale.

It will be great to position your investigation along side other environmental artists’ output.
Also this will happen on the day Sydney turns the lights off.


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