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Coming up this saturday is a fantastic event: Gang!

Gang takes its name from the Indonesian word meaning alleyway or small side street and commenced life in 2005 as a celebration of the deep links between independent art spaces and collectives across the two countries. This years festival is called “ART DAY IS TODAY” after a community arts festival run by artists that Gang Crew was involved with last year in Padang, West Sumatra. The kampung street festival is a celebration of the fringe and the marginal, and the creative spaces generated by artist run initiatives.

The focus this year is on sustainable environmental arts practices, as demonstrated in the SISA exhibition held in November, and also the TUK exhibition to be held at Pine St Creative Arts Centre. (See www.gangfestival.com/program for more information.)

The specific brief for the outdoors exhibition is to extend these themes of reuse and rubbish in the Sisa exhibition to include questions about why we consider a thing “of use” or “useful”.

What makes a thing of use? (use/ful) What makes a thing no longer of use? (use/less) How do we determine the right usage of a thing, a word, a street, a day? Why and when do things become under utilised or over utilised?

..and so there you are, another window provided for another Weed Tour.
Download the Self-Guided Tour of the Gang Weeds: Stop Mowing Your Lawns Australia, Eat Them!leaflet here (2.2mb) and the map here (135kb).

Salam hangat,Â

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