Reward Yourself one said, and let your readers know

What a steep hill you just climbed.
It took you 5 days.

Welcome reader!
This is the upgraded version on the weedyconnection blog. It might look just the same to you, but behind the pretty pictures the code is new, the wordpress you’re seing is version 2.6!!! whoo hoo!!
WordPress is an opensource facility which powers a whole-lotta blogs world-wide.
This facility got designed and coded by an unknown number of contributors who collectively write it for people like youself to mess up.
And messed-up it was indeed!
The new version still hasn’t been fully tested in the various environments is been used, and even if provides a much more secure platform, it turns out to be a difficult ‘beast’ to handle.
For a while the blog was offline, at some point you even lost all of your postings and personalization you’ve refined in the past two years (there’s over 170 posts in this blog). Then yesterday you got your styling back in place but lost the right of access, for some reason your privileges got scrapped.
This is not the first time you’re having troubles with this blog, about 3 months ago the whole thing collapsed. Back then it turned out that somehow one folder got lost ( and you’re convinced that was the work of a hacker) but you resolved that, thanks to the help of Lucas.
This time round the thankyou goes to Gangleri, who suggested a few things, like interacting with the blog’s database. From there you just felt your way out of the dark cave you were lost into.

You see, reader, this blogger here is a totally self-taught blogger, like the majority of the independent writers out there. So if you reader happens to be a blogger too, you would know what it feels like to loose everything and having to find it back in the gutters of the virtual world!

I’ll finish this with a quote you found in some PHP coding somewhere..
It goes:
// “When trying to design a foolproof system,
// never underestimate the ingenuity of the fools :)” — Dougal

Let’s hope you’re not fooling yourself.
Let’s hope this is going to work now!

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