Riso alle erbacce

This is an adaptation of a recipe found on Piante Selvatiche by C Gamacchio.
On it there was a risotto style dish with main ingredients being dandelions (taraxacum) and hawkbit (leontodon). I found a bunch on hawkbit but had to replace the dandelion with a combination of young nettle shoots (urtica), blackberris sprouts (rubus), a couple of plantains (plantago), a little chickweed (stellaria) and a couple of baby farmer’s friends (bidens pilosa).

I used the same procedure and similar measuring:

300g of fresh weeds, washed thoroughly
300g of arborio rice
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
1l stock

Clean the greens taking care when handling nettle, briefly boil them, drain and chop finely.
Prepare the stock while in a big saucepan brown the onion and garlic. Add the rice for a quick scolding and then slowly introduce the stock as for making risotto.
When the risotto is ready introduce the greens and mix thoroughly.
serve with parmesan and a glass of red wine.

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