Spinning art into a fine thread


The story goes Leipzig had the biggest cotton-spinning plant of continental Europe.
At the time 4,000 people worked in a 10 hectares complex which included worker’s homes, allotment gardens and the factory’s kindegarten.
After the fall of DDR the factories were abandoned and left unattended.
Tjhe ownership changed from state to a private consortium who saw the presence of artists as an answer to the need to re-invent an economy on its knees.

Spinnerei now house over 100 artist’ studios two dozens commercial galleries nd a number of other creative and artisan workshops: printers and book binders (Leipzig is also renowned for the amazing quantity and quality of publishing company within its boundaries), ceramists and woodworkers, bicycle specialists and designers, fashion labels and audio technicians, and more..
A thriving community re-inhabited the spaces.
You were lucky enough to be invited and expirience it during an exceptional ’roundgang’, a weekend of open studios and open galleries.
Halle 14, the only not-for-profit gallery space in the complex, presented a group show of contemporary art from Australia, Terra Nullius, were names like gitto and Ah Kee, Hookey and Parr are alongside SquatSpace, the collective you work with since 2000.
You will give a talk about SquatSpace’ Tour of Beauty today.
You also want to find the communal gardens.

See here for a selection of Photographs from the Festival

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