amazing databases

The Food Plants International database covers some 18,000 plants edibility, just falling short of the estimate of edible plants in the world, which according to Plant For a Future, is around 20,000. Great respect should be paid to the countless amount of people devoting so much of their time and knowledge for all to share, […]

Usefull Links and cross reference

Here’s a list of useful sites where you can further search informations about plants, many of which are declared weeds. some of this links are on the website, some are not yet. happy browsing! Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Index The Winemaking Home Incredible Edibles Wild Food Adventures Edible Sierra Nevada Plants The Really WILD Food […]

Feedback !!

Yep, I’ve noticed and been made aware that is somewhat difficult to provide feedback to the newly online database in the form of comments. Unfortunately thou i’m not that good in writing websites yet, and a blog is the best i can do for people to interact with this part of the virtual world. […]