on Bidens pilosa

You have been walking around, and traveling the world lately, so that you could compare the spontaneous vegetation in different parts of the globe..no not that many, but a few. You came across this Bidens pilosa on The Domain, Sydney, and posted it on you flickr page. While doing a bit of research in trying […]

on Tribulus Terrestris

You are subscribed to many lists and groups with a focus on foraging or plants as medicinal aids and more. One of this is a MSN Group, Healing Herbs. In it several contributors share their knowledge while other users ask questions. You have been reading lots of fantastic postings from Julia in this group, one […]

Usefull Links and cross reference

Here’s a list of useful sites where you can further search informations about plants, many of which are declared weeds. some of this links are on the website, some are not yet. happy browsing! Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Index The Winemaking Home Incredible Edibles Wild Food Adventures Edible Sierra Nevada Plants The Really WILD Food […]