the show


On Wednesday for the opening of the group show there were plenty.
It happens when you have group shows.
If each brings along ten friends/family you have an instant crowd.
This one was even more so, as many of the arrtist involved have a vast network of friends, being active in many circles at various levels.
Lots of friends came to the opening..

For the show you made an altar, elevating the dirt at eyes level, the viewer below the plants.
A planter was filled with sterile potting mix and left in the garden for 4 months, allowing environmental seeds to colonize it.
A cabinet got filled with dirt from the garden itself and left to develop for 3 months, the species sprouting are the one present in the soil already.
A Chinese Celtis bonsai was the third item presented on the high table.
Under the structure is a back screen projection on the talk you gave at UTS late last year.
Plenty of positive feedback gave you an insight into how people read your argument through a gallery display, lots were impressed by the level of argumentation expressed through the talk.
You’re still not sure galleries and artworld in general is any effective communication platform.

Weed gathering: ethnobotanical practices in a Cosmopolitan Society:

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