The Smell of BushFires and SubTropical Sydney

I’m back!
i’m back in a city where the morning start with tropical rain, while last night you could smell the not-so distant bushfires.
I have so much to write, starting with a post on resolutions: 4 months on this blog writing about found material, is it working for me?
-start to come out>>>by that i mean i will write more and more about personal thoughts and stop this “copy n paste” blogging
-introduce an argument of cultural identity from a “felt” point of view
-expand on the issues of cultural restrains when it comes to language, i.e weeding english
-import enivironmental knowledge, even if the environment is not the same
-position myself as what i am, aboriginal piedmonteese, living in a country wher my only connection is outlawed botanical species
-deliberately upset the idea of assimilation or, even worse, multiculturalism
-actively spread appreciation for a nature which is just trying to survive our concrete and poisons
-import fog

fog in torino

The world climate is changing, very few people would argue against this statement anymore, the pollution effect, the enourmous “hot zones” which humans create with cities are altering the normal procedures of the weather as we know it…

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