There’s more to Brighton than a burned down pier


OK, this is it, nearly outta here.
as a closing post you’d like to record a dot point list:

  • Brighton’s west pier apparently didn’t burned down due to an ‘insurance job’, but rather because of two main theories: 1-the competition, Brighton’s Pier or Chain Pier, didn’t want the consortium who took over the pier as a state/private partnership to go ahead with their plans to refurbish and re-vamp it. 2-a bunch of local 13yo something kids did something very wrong
  • the research into the nuts n bolts of building an iPhone application took you in endless loops of tutorials, sample codes, and pirated SDKs (Software Development Kits). You came out with a clear understanding of how you want the application to look like (all of the visual part is actually ready), which frameworks to use and how the user interface should be organized, yet, to actually piece it all together is not that easy, so, you still got nothing to show.
  • The time spent researching here at Blast Theory was very rewarding, as invaluable feedback and cross reference allowed you to get a clear image of what’s next.
  • The local master of Visual Arts/New Media end-o-year show didn’t impress you. Apart from a couple of works, a comic book/animation and another artists who took advantage of an interesting peculiarity of this exhibition: every single exhibitor had business cards available by their work. You thought this was rather pretentious and far too economy-driven rather than concept oriented. One artist thou did something interesting, printed a whole bunch of business cards and displayed as an artwork, on a table, with a spotlight. you liked that!
  • Antony Gormley Critical Mass at De La Warr Pavillion is a predictable statement and useless channeling of resources, each figure weighting surely above 500kg ( couldn’t even rock ’em, leave alone lift ’em) here about it. As for yourself you just hated the waste for such a useless statement..
  • humf
  • the landscape in East Sussex is just a glorious set of rolling hills and dramatic cliffs. It reminded you of the starting point of Jim’s journey narrated in Treasure Island, his mother Inn’s location..
  • lighthouse


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