Viva Davide! we’re multilingual

Thanks to Davide Pozza’s Open Source plugin Global Translator we can now see all of the posts in 8 languages:
Italian,French German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

PLugin Chart

The flags on top of the posts will dynamically translate the page in the chosen language by using the Google Translation Engine.
At times the Translations are a bit rough, but it gives the reader a good general idea of what is been written about.
The only problem now is my spelling mistakes which the automatic translator does not recognize…ooops.
Should i go back and spell-check the lot?
uhmmm, I’m more inclined to write a post about my ongoing cruzade trying to weed the english language, claiming back some linguistic identity in a world overtaken by “the toungue of money”.

in the meantime thou,
THANKS to the work of lots o people around the world who give us, users, communication tools for free!!

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