what did actually happened


You finally had time to stop.
You looked at this blog, limping along. Your head filled with stories you should write, should have wrote.
You then went to a journey across the blogsphere, in your links, to see what’s still alive.
It was bit sad, quite a few of the blogs were now discontinued, memento mori.
It made you realise that nothing is forever. It also made you realise that you outlived them all. Not that they are not relevant anymore, on the contrary, each one of them still stand as an important document, yet as you went through them it showed the peculiarity of blogs, seldom you get to read more than the first page, and when you realise the last post is more than 6 months old it gives you the impression that you’re walking into an abandoned house, humans haven’t been there from a while.

That is not the case for this blog though, on the contrary, so here you are, updating your readers (if any) with what actually did happen.
the regularity is nowhere near what it was like 3 years ago, when you started and you had so much to blab away, at some point there where 4-5 posts a week, not 3 a month.

But here it is.
You’re half-way through your traveling scholarship, and of the proposed itinerary you diligently accomplished a lot.
In March you went to work with Caretto-Spagna (see previous posts), to then go to work at the Australian pavilion of the Biennale di Venezia, with Healy-Cordeiro, to then attend a four month residency at the Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto, to then present a game for a group show at the Parco Arte Vivente in Torino. Yep, you did it.
You never wrote a game, but thanks to your stubborn self, you powered through all of the obstacles and managed to do it. In the process you learned a new language, MSL, a non-standard language invented by Riccardo Berta, a researcher at the University of Genova who helped me out in this ordeal.

So anyway, you did it, as you announced back in march, created a virtual platform to entice younger audiences into discovering the botany growing under their feet.

Here and here there are a number of images of people using the device, while here is a start of a dedicated internet space for the venture, still in its early stages, but present.

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