you keep writing about rain..

It’s raining, it finally came, was building-up from about ten days..
at first was a temperate late October then the wind from the west came..
it was dry and extremely hot..
You slowly starting to know the winds, the ones coming from the south bringing rain while the ones coming from the north-west bringing hot weather and fires, like when in mid October:

Hot weather leads to numerous fires in NSW
16th October 2007
Firefighters from around NSW responded to bush and grass fires in various parts of the state today. Fires occurred in Tomago, Mt Kembla and Mt Colah which required the F3 and the rail line heading north to be closed, and there were grass fires in western Sydney at Blair Athol and in Campbelltown. The grass fires caused damage to garden sheds, fences and power poles but firefighters prevented any houses being damaged.

… from the NSW Fire Brigade
The North -Westerly wind also brought an enormous swarm of Bogong moths this year, on their way to the southern alps.
The infestation, as defined by much media, got great coverage because of the high-profile nesting sites they chose for the daily rest, famously forcing Parliament House employees to close their windows in an attempt to prevent them from entering the building.

At the start of October 2007 Bogong moths again invaded Sydney city. They mainly gathered in the block around the Governor Phillip Tower, especially on the building on Phillip St housing the Prime Minister’s Sydney office. They tend to gather in the corners and in niches in the sandstone buildings nearby.

from wikipedia

Yet those insects are much older resident then any of us. They have been traveling south from their winter feeding grounds, adults disperse to pastures across inland New South Wales and Queensland to lay their eggs, from longer then we can immagine.
Australian aboriginies use to know very well this migration pattern, gathering in numbers to collect and feast on them.
They are a delicious treat, with a somewhat sweet and nutty taste, rich in fat, you tried them yourself, on an outing up Mount Canobolas, in NSW central tablelands.

October also brought the flowering of the Golden Robinias (Robinia pseudocacia ‘Frisia’). This was a vogue tree in Australian gardens and landscapes during the 1980s and it is still tremendously popular today. This is also an hybridized version of much less popular parents, the Robinia pseudoacacia, and the Frisia still uses the parent plant root stock.
In the cities nature is distorted, there were no Robinias before european settlement, now lining many street-scapes and parks.

Their flowers are delicious, a bit like fresh sweet peas, or snow peas, in France Robinia flowers are served as a desert after being dipped in a light batter and deep fried… marking the start of spring.
the new ethnobotanical knowledge of a changed landscape.

Like the Marking Days, a year-long-weather-prediction system from far away lands.
June 28 2007 predicted the weather for October 07.
The day was “cloudy, with a few drops in the afternoon, over-all a bit warmer.”
October ended up to be a bit of a difficult one to define, some rain, some storm, some very hot days.
The Marking Day for November was June 29, a beautiful day, sun sun sun and rising temperatures.

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