You Weed


Day 3,
The Internet is fully working by now and you feel like changing the subject, fed up with the first person approach you imposing your readers.
You like the idea of getting rid of the “I” as a cheap literally tool to draw in first person your reader.

After all this is a writing exercise, innit?

Bundanon is getting cool, the mornings at the laptop surrounded by steaming coffee, bowl of cereal and various bird calls, have to be approached with a jumper.

A studio table is turning in a gardener’s bench, with the growing collection of introduced species, your collecting expeditions keep filling the long list of plants.
the latest are Willow (not sure which one yet), Robinia, an enormous Plane tree, and a peculiar one.
It reminds you of cherry, but the bark is all wrong. Some sort of ornamental Plum tree?

A Cherry Tree flowering and fruiting in autumn? any suggestions?

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