Weedy Pot-pourri

Pot-pourri is one one the classic herbal concoctions. The recipes for making it are as varied as the plants in the garden. Whatever the recipe the basic process is the same. Mix together the dried petals and leaves then add a few drops of essential oil and some orris root as a fixative. POt-pourri is […]

Emma Dusci’s Weed Textiles

Lucas gave me a present, a weed print by Emma Dusci! It’s funny that since i re-started doing projects about weeds (never stopped really, just acted in different forms) friends keep coming back to me with stories and suggestions, advises and warnings, and sometimes even weedy presents! Emma Dusci is an undergraduate from Edith Cowan […]


Panel #6 of the Self-Guided Tour of the Weeds of Australia: Black Willow Here’s a teaser of what you can find in the PDF panel below: Medicinal Uses: Anodyne; Antiinflammatory; Antiperiodic; Antiseptic; Astringent; Diaphoretic; Diuretic; Febrifuge; Hypnotic; Sedative; Tonic. The bark has been used in the treatment of gonorrhoea, ovarian pains and nocturnal emissions. The […]

Malthus nightmare, a short story

I came across this short story on my wide searches for weeds-related material, and i loved the recepies in it, very ironic! Written by Guillermo Ramos and published in his Blog in August 2006. This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to characters and events in this story is purely coincidental. The author is […]

Gardeners’ rights -Weeds debate

Tim Sansom discusses the issue of balancing gardener’s rights to plant our favourite plants with our broader responsibilities to the environment. This article is found on the The Digger’s Club magazine We posed the question of whether the Lupins pictured growing in the high country on our last issue’s cover represented a … “perfect integration […]


Panel #5 in the WeedyConnection Self Guided Tour: Oxalis. Recipes: Oxalis Sauce This green sauce was a favourite in the fifteenth century when it was served with fish, game or pork. 250g (8oz/2 cups) Oxalis 2 tablespoon butter 2 tablespoon cream 1 tablespoon clear, light honey 1 teaspoon cider vinegar pinch cayenne pepper Sauté’ Oxalis […]

Wild Fennel lore

Fennel has a long history as a medicinal and edible plant. The ancient Greeks believed it gave strength, courage and longevity to those who used it and so it was given to competitors at the Olympic games. Pliny attributed it with many medicinal properties and it was favoured by roman gladiators. It would, in fact, […]

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

There is people out there which argues that the most threatening and insidiuos pest/weed on this planet is us, humans. I refrain from any comments at this stage, i just let you, readers, have a look at the The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement website and the quicktime film here below. I will come back to […]

Roxy Paine’s Weed Choked Garden

Roxy Paine is concerned with beauty and the appreciation of beauty, in things which are often not necessarily considered beautiful. The principles underlying and guiding his work are expressed through the use of robotics, computers, and inorganic materials simulating and masquerading as nature. Weed Choked Garden (2005), for example, uses stainless steel, thermoset plastic, and […]

Tetsuro Kano’s Burgeoning Weeds

Since 2004, Tetsuro Kano has been scattering seeds around places – such as galleries and art museums – where the sun shines bright but no one would expect to find weeds. Kano gives them a new life as they are reborn as artworks. “Burgeoning Weeds”, the tatami and my memory of cinema. by Aneta Glinkowska […]