The rest of my practice

Hi all, didnt resolve the keyword issue yet, will work on it, but in the mean time I have to focus on other projects I’m involved in with imminent due dates: together with defending the right of weeds to exist, I also collaborate with the SquatSpace collective. SquatSpace is part of a project soon/now on […]

Just playing with the presentation

Sorry everyone for the inconvenience, but I’m having trouble with a feature I’m trying to add to this blog: Keyword search. Once it works it will facilitate topical searches for all of you users, but at the moment is messing-up my pages. I’ll resolve it, learning new skills as i get through it! Cheers PS. […]

new upload

I’ve just uploaded on Youtube an old video of mine, shot on vhs and analog edited. i’m posting it here as it was somewhat the starting point for my artistic investigation on botanical reality/uneasiness. the footage was recorded in an abandoned garden in western sydney, overgrown with lantana and oleander bushes.

The Smell of BushFires and SubTropical Sydney

I’m back! i’m back in a city where the morning start with tropical rain, while last night you could smell the not-so distant bushfires. I have so much to write, starting with a post on resolutions: 4 months on this blog writing about found material, is it working for me? resolutions: -start to come out>>>by […]