on fairy rings, endangered ecosystems and four-leaf clovers

The rain gave reason to mushrooms to flourish this season. Our urban parks are filled with the most prolific displays, like this one, a fairy ring of Blewits (Lepista Nuda and Lepista saeva). Cab’s Wild Food Page, a UK based foraging site, says of this mushrooms: Probably the most popular wild mushroom in many parts […]

about above

A show finished last Saturday at First Draft, where three artist presented three distinctive and unrelated bodies of work. You enjoyed all three, for different reasons, Leah McPherson’s flip-book short films, a fantastic editing exercise activated by viewers, Josy Cavallaro’s flimsy visual statements and commentary on semantic peculiarities..which reminded you of speech bubbles, and Kirsten […]

on the right ones

We went mushrooming again, we filled an 8 seater and off we ventured on the highway all the way to Belanglo State Forest. View Larger Map The day was cool but sunny and the mood was festive even if we all raised very early in attempt to beat the competition. But no competition was found, […]

on pies and the lack of fingers

There’s going to be another tour tomorrow, two actually, at 12 and 1pm. The WeedyConnection project is been invited as one of the artistic component for the Cook River Festival 2008, organized by the Marrickville Council. Noticeable is that this festival is basically on the other shore of the Cook River from the Riverworks Festival […]