On playing with the future

While researching Serious Games for your latest intervention in the media world you found Climate Challenge. You decided to share it. ..and here’s what Wikipedia’s got to say about the game: Climate Challenge is a Flash-based global warming game produced by the BBC and developed by Red Redemption. Players manage the economy and resources of […]

In the mean time in Sydney..

Here’s a video about an initiative happening in Sydney right now. Th idea originated in Melbourne, but this should take nothing away from the effort and enthusiasm of this gorup of perma-wizard. Check their website here. What is a permablitz? A permablitz is a permaculture-inspired backyard, frontyard or community makeover where people come together to […]

On gardens as protest

An interesting article from Adrienne Skye Roberts was brought to my attention, about the thesis project of a Design student from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco. She was instrumental in developing a garden in a forgotten part of the urban landscape, with the aim of addressing and understanding the methodologies of dissent […]

on taking pictures of your hand

Two years ago you took a picture of your hand, a tired and sore one, on the train that got you out of Venice, after installing the australian pavillion for the Biennale di Venezia. This year you did it again. Here’s both of them: So, you should spill out now what the biennale di venezia […]