On the wind over the mountains

The Blue Mountains, part of the geological formation which stretch from north to south on the east coast of Australia. The Blue Mountains are the one just west of Sydney, the first big natural impediment for the colonizers of the continent in early 19th Century. It took British sanctioned explorer about 25 years to find […]

on Puddings clubs and free dianellas

It’s hot in Sydney, amazingly so, and then cold when the low pressure finally breaks in. Dogs have been nervous in the past few days too, the rising moon upsetting them, maybe. Surely little companions jumping in creeks to bark at the water or whatever else was there felt strange, so did a dog running […]

what did actually happened

You finally had time to stop. You looked at this blog, limping along. Your head filled with stories you should write, should have wrote. You then went to a journey across the blogsphere, in your links, to see what’s still alive. It was bit sad, quite a few of the blogs were now discontinued, memento […]