Vite potata

Vite potata, originally uploaded by the weed one. While talking to the local gardener here (il signor Merloni, the most esquisite person), and explaining your background in pretty much a wide spectrum of gardening/farming in orchards and dairy farms, you got entrusted with the task of pruning 3 separate grapes trellis. It is spring here, […]

Fondazione Baruchello

You find yourself ploughing an art-rich soil: Il campo di grano dell’ Agricola Cornelia Spa. 1973 a young, fairly established artist, coming out of the ’60 social upheaval, tired and disillusioned for what came next (the political terrorism years of Italy) bought a farm on the outskirts of Rome. Enough land to have a quite […]

Nature as a glutton

The other day you were at Harold park, in Sydney, surveying the area for a possible tour coming up in August/September. Whilst there you met another artist taking images of wasteland, an interesting man whose interest is more on the resilience of nature, and the beauty of regeneration. We talked and exchanged links and opinions. […]

on the sweet sweet pittosporum

sweet pittosporum- berries, originally uploaded by the weed one. pittosporum ondulatum. In terms of weeds this is an interesting example, as is NATIVE and ENDEMIC to the area where this image was taken. Yet, since European settlement and subsequent disruption of the landscape, this plant went well beyond the original pocket of growth, now being […]

while you were talking

You gave a talk last week, a the Wildlife in The City forum, part of the Clubhouse at Performance Space and organized by Joni Taylor. For the occasion you presented a mini photo/environmental survey of the area surrounding Carriageworks. You thought it would have been nice while talking about the state of the wildlife in […]