Who am I f*cking kiddin.

Basel, the fair, image after image on this flickr set will give the reader an idea. Probably many came through this kermess already, or, even better, as Ilaria posted on my facebook a while back: Readers? Yeh. You’re here with Mick, invited to be part of a curated exhibition, Off Press, an official side event […]

Sonchus asper

Sonchus asper, originally uploaded by the weed one. A quick survey of the spontaneous flora in the immediate neighborhood. You can see the rest on my Flickr. The usual suspects and a couple of surprises, like the achillea and a nice bush of wild fennel, but i guess this is southern England, and the warmer […]

iWeed, test 1

Picture 1, originally uploaded by the weed one. ok, this is the first visible result, just a blank application, from here you’ll need to fit in what needed. The proposed venture is to, whilst at Blast Theory’s residency, research possibilities for a GPS capable botanical treasure hunt. This is meant to be building from the […]

How’s this for a change?

Now then, from the Campagna Romana to an industrial estate by the sea. This is going to be your location for the next 4 weeks, artist in residence at Blast Theory Studios. The driving force is the same, environment and relationships in this time and age, a topic so big that nowadays they sell cars […]