How’s this for a change?


Now then, from the Campagna Romana to an industrial estate by the sea.
This is going to be your location for the next 4 weeks, artist in residence at Blast Theory Studios.
The driving force is the same, environment and relationships in this time and age, a topic so big that nowadays they sell cars with it.
Here you’ll expand the work you did last year at Fondazione Pisoletto and exhibited at Parco Arte Vivente in Torino and Artissima.
This time you are amongst the gurus of the medium thou, Blast Theory is the sort of people who gets awards for their interactions with technology, like the IMG award.
Your first steps into the use o the technology as a delivery tool for artistic content go back a fair while, but when you designed, coded and delivered bedaForager you jumped a level.
During this residency you will develop another level, and is gonna be another hell of a jump for sure.
You’ll, hopefully, update regularly.


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