Wild Stories, the book

You have produced and self-published a book. It is available online here for $16 plus postage and handleing, or you could get it as a signed, limited edition copy by sending your request at info[at]weedyconnection[dot]com Wild Stories by Diego Bonetto | Make Your Own Book

the local weather

You have looked at the weather from all directions. You have followed the moon, the seasons, the relationship between the crescent to the rest of the cycle, the common (imported) knowledge of various cultures, sayings, hear-says, the words from yours old ways of northern Italy.. By now your friends just ‘let you talk’, as in, […]

Wattle seeds

Wattle seeds a video by the weed one on Flickr. Glen from ilovewarrigalgreens.com.au, talking about Wattle seeds and how when they are mature and roasted are eaten. Australian Acacia


SouthSydneyHeraldOCT11pg12, a photo by the weed one on Flickr. Great article about what you do, how and why. By Christine Morrow on the South Sydney Herald Read the rest of the paper here> http://www.southsydneyherald.com.au/pdf/SSHOCT11.pdf