on taking pictures of your hand

Two years ago you took a picture of your hand, a tired and sore one, on the train that got you out of Venice, after installing the australian pavillion for the Biennale di Venezia. This year you did it again. Here’s both of them: So, you should spill out now what the biennale di venezia […]

On Why You Could Eat The Whole Field-or why IT took so long to digest the lot-

You’re back, the 2007 Europe Art Grand Tour left you speechless for nearly a whole month, in both languages. Winter solstice (summer’s in the northern hemisphere) is on us, Sydney’s cold, and the endless summer you’ve been experiencing dissipated in an haze of jetlagged early mornings wakes. So much went through your head during this […]

On Sticky Weed

You need to write this one here, as this blog is searchable. Also known as Asthma Weed, Parietaria judaica. It is native to continental Europe, and it behaves pretty much in the same way over here, clinging on wall’s crevices and thriving on grossly un-natural sites, like concrete’s cracks and gutters. It is one of […]

Traveling from the East, South-East

Frankfurt, a short visit on the way to Venice. You had time to spare, waiting for the plane, so decided to have a wonder through the city. Of course you went to the park, by the river Rhine, to find no surprise. The usual players. At the moment you feel like guilty of plagiarism, borrowing […]

On Venezia And The Silk Road

It may well be that for the next couple of months the frequency of postings will drop. You’re off. Today you will fly to Venice to work on the installation of this year’s Biennale for the Australian Council of the Arts. Over the next two months therefore the blogging will probably be more frequent on […]