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Bidens Pilosa

Conyza Canadensi

Bursa Pastoris

Malva Silvestris

Oxalis Spp

Papaver Spp

Portulaca Oleracea

Phytolacca Spp

Rumex Crispus

Rubus Fruticosus

Solanum Nigrum

Sambucus Nigra

Taraxacum Officinalis

Trifolium Repens

Veronica Persica


Viola Tricolore

This project is been commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, as part of the exhibition

In The Balance: Art for a changing world


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  1. Trying to find a book written about 40-45 years ago extolling the many virtues of weed. Like oils for cooking, replacing gasoline, clothing, lumber, medicine etc. I think it was titled Weed. Any help in locating this book would be much appreciated.

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