On The First Moon of Winter or On The New Access Point

Pic thanks to Prescott! You spent the past 3 days re-editing and re-writing the code for the WeedyConnection online extravaganza. It was long overdue, many parts of the virtual presence of this project were obscurated by other parts or, even worse, unrelated. You needed to re-shape the whole expirience and the way visitor access the […]

On Changing The Look

Apologies to all readers, the blog is undergoing a bit of a reshape to make it more relevant. I’ve changed the WordPress ( blog provider) theme (the way it looks), adding a bunch of feautures like the link bar on the left to the rest of weedyconnection’s online facilities, while keeping feautures from the earlier […]

On The Nature of Online Art

You’ve been reading, browsing through other’s Del.icio.us tags and even making a delicious tags page. In the process you came across a whole lot of great links from Bilateral, one of which took you out for an interesting spin: net.art/ethnography It is a ‘solidarity’ in material practice that underpins my brief talk, making reference to […]

On I don’t know about this IT businness, Thinking of going back to YOU

Blogging does something to your arguments, it gives you a platform unadulterated by difficult questions without the time to research the answers. Somewhat blogging strengthens your topic by allowing a slow unfolding of ideas. This is definitely true of the weedyconnection project and , in this case, blog. The slow unfolding of concepts allowed me […]

On the Rain Coming, Gardens of Mother-of-Millions and week-end’s readings

The rain is here -according to age old peasant knowledge from the other side of the world- should stay for a few more days, at least untill saturday the 14th, when the moon cicle will start again. This is if the imported knowledge is any use, or rightly interpreted. In the mean-time a visit to […]

On 4 July for April and the 5 July for May

Wednesday the 4 July, Marking Day for April turned out a very windy and stormy, no much rain came down, but the temperature sure did. While 5 July, Marking Day for May was a more pleasant day, but even colder. What if this system doesn’t work at all? What does it prove? more anecdotes like […]

On Weed Radio: Enemy or Ally?

Captain Cook metaphorically releasing a Pigeon in Sydney’s hide park: The ABC program, Weeds: Enemy or ally was good, and predictable at the same time. This blog heard all of those arguments before, the one criminalising botanical species, and the one acknowledging the botanical reality. Still a fantastic introduction to the thorny issue of environmental […]

July 3, Summer forever

July 3 is the Marking Day for March, and it was a warm and sunny day, with temperature going into the low 20s, a significant rise, as you could expect from a “Summmer Day”

July 2, Summer’s best yet.

July 2 is the Marking Day for February, a sunny, very warm month, it seems like… So much sun that a visit to the sea was a popular start for the winter school holidays, below is Elena at Bronti,NSW.