on talking about it

There is a conference coming up at the University of Technology, Sydney, and you will preesent a paper about this weedyconnection project. UTS CONFERENCE ON COSMOPOLITAN CIVIL SOCIETIES 4 + 5 OCT What does cosmopolitanism mean in an age where globalisation is accompanied by the War on Terror and where unprecedented levels of international migration […]

on lantana’s new nature

The book by Tim Low, New Nature, is like a block of chocolate, you could eat it in one mouthful, but it taste better if you savour it. You found this couple of pages which are so pertinent to your argument you will have to duplicate them in electronic format. Thanks Tim. Chapter 7 Nature […]

on eating local food and reading far away blogs

You noticed an article on the Sydney Morning Herald inlet, Good Living, and found it quite amusing that you were just this week reading online about the same subject, the 100 Miles Diet. Pic by destabee You came across it through browsing other’s people links, the journeying started with searching youtube for environment-related shorts (see […]

on Wild radish and the resilience of some plants

You went for a walk by the Nepean River on the weekend and found a beautiful patch of Wild Radish, Raphanus raphanistrum. The plants is the subject of several international researches at the moment as is showing an incredible resilience to various chemical control methods, to the point of changing its own DNA make-up at […]

on September weather, cold and windy

September’s here, according to Australian calendars spring starts on the first of the month, for some reason unknown to you. As far as you know the start of spring is the spring equinox, on the 21st. That was true for civilizations as old and as far apart as Mayan and Greeks, Egyptians and Celtic, but […]