on not quite art

Tomorrow, Tuesday 30 October, 10 Pm, the last of a three part series will be broadcasted on ABC. The series aims at showcasing an aspect of culture rarely sen on tv here in Australia, the “outsiders”. Host Marcus Westbury, founder of the This is Not Art Festival in Newcastle and the former director of Next […]

Tonight, 10pm, ABC, on weeds and reasons for arguing

The Weedyconnection project has been selected as part of a program on the ABC tonight, Not Quite Art, written and produced by Marcus Westbury. The progarm present a number of art projects and artistic attitudes, from street art in melbourne to alternative art scenes in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, to Glasgow, Scotland. You can read a […]

on permaculture, and someone who can explain it to you

To date you never touched yet the concept of Permaculture, mostly because you wouldn’t want to say the wrong things, you do not know enough about it to even attempt a broad insight. All you can do is cut-n-paste writings on the subject, like the Wikipedia definition for the concept of “permanent agriculture”: The word […]

on plants classification

Last week as part of the Philosopher’s Zone program on ABC radio, Alan Saunders interviewed Sverker Sörlin, Professor of Environmental History at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The subject of the interview was Carl von Linné, better known now by his latin name Linnaeus, the Swedish naturalist who invented the modern system of botanical […]

Weed gathering: ethnobotanical practices in a cosmopolitan society

You gave a talk at the 2007 UTS CONFERENCE ON COSMOPOLITAN CIVIL SOCIETIES at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. The Conference preamble: What does cosmopolitanism mean in an age where globalisation is accompanied by the War on Terror and where unprecedented levels of international migration are accompanied by attacks on multiculturalism and heightened ‘border […]

on october’s wheater or, on birthdays and kangaroos diets

This is the monthly post on the Marking Days, a year-long-weather-prediction system from far away lands. June 28 2007 predicted the weather for October 07. The day was “cloudy, with a few drops in the afternoon, over-all a bit warmer.” So will be October in Sydney? The predictions for this past September were for a […]