on taking down websites and rigging up potplants

well well, the webmaster for weeds.org.au (the online resource for the government’s agency which deals with weeds in Australia, Weeds Australia) decided to censor you. Here’s how it happened: To whom it may concern A website at the address http://www.weedyconnection.com/ contains material (images and text) sourced and copied directly from the Weeds Australia (http://www.weeds.org.au/) website. […]

Gardens stories

we got this one from the house we were living in, about 10 years ago, more even.. 14? This house was haunted, fully possessed …i was nearly snuffed out one night, i woke up from a dream and was in that nearly-awake state and opened my eyes, nothing was there, i couldn’t see anything but […]

on The Hanging Gardens and Other Tales

Do you have a potted friend that means something special to you? Perhaps a hanging succulent that’s followed you from one home to the next? Would you like your plant’s story to be part of an exciting new project about these oftenoverlooked neighbours? … Then we’d love to hear from you. Contact the artists: Karl […]