on a beautiful storytelling

Yes indeed, a fantastic and charming speaker, with funny jokes every now n then, to lively up the audience partecipation, harnessing attention. Yes indeed, a beautiful story of faraway lands, exotic people and striking colours. Yes indeed, a noble message, broadcasting all of the good-doing of the National Geographic. Yet, what about your connection to […]

Elena on honeysukle

Elena on honeysukle, originally uploaded by the weed one. This shrub was introduced to me by my daughter, who swear by it as it grows proficiently on her school grounds. still haven’t found a proper naming of it, yet, i’m happy she shows a knowledgeable connection with er immediate surrounding vegetation


robinia_sprouting, originally uploaded by the weed one. on a side street in Surry hills, Sydney. The tree planted by the council is a Golden Robinia, a cultivar grafted onto a Robinia pseudo-acacia root system. The suckers coming from the roots is then the original plant.

Conyza, Sydney

Conyza, Sydney, originally uploaded by the weed one. extremely tall, carving away concrete in an abandoned courtyard. Would be interesting to find a study on the remediation capability of this plant, a truly pioneer when it comes to overcome concrete and tar.


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More on Bidens pilosa

The Facebook intervention is building up, with some plants getting more friends than other’s.. Interesting is that one in particular, Bidens pilosa (search for it on Facebook) is proving true to its vernacular name in Australia, Farmer’s friend, sticking to people and propagating from one friend to another in a viral mode. So lately you […]

on anniversaries and what it means to keep going

So, this post will be a personal rant, which is no different from the rest of the postings on this blog, yet, this very one comes along as a side stepping exercise. This coming Sunday will be the 10th year you and a bunch of collaborators put on a short film festival: SquatFest. The event […]

on Bidens pilosa

You have been walking around, and traveling the world lately, so that you could compare the spontaneous vegetation in different parts of the globe..no not that many, but a few. You came across this Bidens pilosa on The Domain, Sydney, and posted it on you flickr page. While doing a bit of research in trying […]

on the danger of loosing landmarks

In the 1940’s a farmer north-west of Sydney devised a new way to interact with the landscape in order to minimize the loss of topsoil due to erosion, store water and enhance the ability of the soil to regenerate and keep healthy. The farmer was P.A.Yeoman, and is regarded by many as a pioneer in […]