Marie Claire going wild?

Anne Fullerton was on a mission. Enticed by the latest culinary crave for wild food, she decided to take on the challenge of preparing a dinner entirely sourced from urban wilderness. To do so she needed a guide to take her through the abandoned areas of Sydney and to point at the edible possibilities under […]

Plants Gone Wild

below is an extract from the article By Sheridan Randall, as it appeared on the latest edition of Open House Magazine, an online and printed publication for the food industry. Read here the full article> thanks Sheridan ๐Ÿ™‚ Plants gone wild Foraging club Sydney-based foraging expert Diego Bonetto was involved in last yearโ€™s Wild Chef […]

On Foraging Mulberries, Dock and Fennel

Joel Werner host a very interesting program on ABC Radio, Off Track. It is always interesting to get to talk to a producer and/or host, as you can then understand better the selection of interviews and the range of topics they cover in their programs. As he explained, he tries to leverage on perceptions and […]

On foraging and Videos, a poetic response

From Alex and Clare ๐Ÿ™‚ Pioneers from vdmalex on Vimeo. 2010 we attended a ‘Weed Tour’ of Sydney Park, hosted by local artist Diego Bonetto as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s major exhibition ‘In The Balance: Art for a Changing World’. Diego introduced us to his friends – dandelion, wild mustard, sowthistle and […]

it’s time to build a boat

a canoe actually. Setting off early tomorrow morning for a mini-residency at Bundanon, about 3 hours south of Sydney, on an historic property now managed as a trust. This is going to be yet another chapter for Siteworks, “[…] an ongoing series of interactive projects focusing on the unique Bundanon properties: 1100 hectares of pristine […]

on foraging and the legality of it

A recent article on the New York Times, appearing front page, is casting light on the practice of foraging, the growing reality of it, and the stress that might bring to a particular ecosystem. Interestingly the article has been picked up by a number of fellow naturalist on the web, who like yourself, offer foraging […]

The mushroom’s harvest moon

delivering a basket of Saffron Milk Caps in exchange for a gift voucher. Amity from Alfalfa food cooperative eagerly accept the booty for a no-cash exchange deal It’s that time of the year, the temperature drops and the autumn rains bring out the seasonal bounty: mushrooms. As there are plenty of better and lesser known […]

Last moon of summer, and wild olives

It’s nearly Autumn, or like, what you would call Autumn. Sure enough the olives are turning green, juicy and readying themselves. You’re talking about the wild ones, the ones no one collect or brag about. Still, they are aplenty, and the wildlife enjoys them too. If anyone would want to wait that the fruits got […]