This is funny

so, you have been bragging about spontaneous flora from a while, and it somewhat feels strange this, but you are now involved in a garden project,, where in collaboration with Lucas Ihlein and anybody else who would like to join in the adventure, are going to somewhat grow things! yes, that’s right, actual seeding, […]

mapping the Campagna Romana

Ok, this is it, 2 n 1/2 months of work got presented to the public last week. Together with a crew of 10 other we devised this ‘mapping of the landscape’. The aim was to gather our critical minds to unravel the complexity of the word nature, dissecting the conglomerate of meanings into various aspects, […]


cornacchie, originally uploaded by the weed one. amongst those tall trees live a massive community of grey-hooded crows. a community of scavengers made sustainable thanks to the regular feeding of pic-nic goers. Impressive and awe inspiring the power of those birds in numbers. You were here in a nearby valley from where you are in […]

Vite potata

Vite potata, originally uploaded by the weed one. While talking to the local gardener here (il signor Merloni, the most esquisite person), and explaining your background in pretty much a wide spectrum of gardening/farming in orchards and dairy farms, you got entrusted with the task of pruning 3 separate grapes trellis. It is spring here, […]

Well overdue update, or rather, you went to Mexico

lots of things, out-bursting and spiraling out. Blogging is a pleasure yet a chore in the list, and you find yourself starting documents like this, over and over again, which then (in theory) get copied and pasted online.. Each time is a worthy post, at times more relevant for the italian audience, others (more often […]

On gardens as protest

An interesting article from Adrienne Skye Roberts was brought to my attention, about the thesis project of a Design student from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco. She was instrumental in developing a garden in a forgotten part of the urban landscape, with the aim of addressing and understanding the methodologies of dissent […]

on taking pictures of your hand

Two years ago you took a picture of your hand, a tired and sore one, on the train that got you out of Venice, after installing the australian pavillion for the Biennale di Venezia. This year you did it again. Here’s both of them: So, you should spill out now what the biennale di venezia […]

On setting up Bio-art

“No please, don’t refer to us as environmental artists”, Caretto-Spagna said in one of the many exchanges we had in the past 6 weeks. You worked with them in a mentorship program in Cambiano, Italy, getting ready a major new work for a curated group show for the Strozzina, Firenze, Green Platform. When you were […]

On Milano anarchists

This is the year Milano celebrate their avant-garde, the Futurists. The ‘rising city’ does so presenting a flamboyant selection of events and exhibitions dedicated to the centenary of this ‘rebellious, visionary avant-garde movement.’ You went to see it, spent the day in the fast-paced northern Italian centre, famous for its fashion hothouses, and on the […]

Coming up, Lempriere hype!

Your work has been selected for a group show which attracts much hype, year after year, here in New South Wales: The Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship. On the opening night (this coming Thursday) one artist will be selected to be the beneficiary of a hefty $60,00 to undertake a year of study overseas. As […]