Harvesting mushrooms with foodies

Because of what you do you get to hang out a lot with food affecionados: chefs, caterers, providores, producers, distributors, believers and amateurs. The common threat is the love for produce, its possibilities and the discovery of natural ingredients at our door steps. It is Mushroom season and you have started running harvesting tours, where […]

on artistic content, the lack of or..does it matter?

You spent the day with Lucas yesterday, general catch up on all sort of things, as we are entangled in all sorts of artistic ventures together, like the BigFagPress, SquatSpace and more current and gone projects. We’re going to add another one in the collaborative list, with the -just started- Tending project. This is going […]

love the hackers

Hopefully this is going to work. This site was hacked back in March, on the 23rd, and promptly Mr Google banned it from view adding a splash page which warned anyone dropping-by of the dangers hidden behind the code. was the work of a certain 1dt.w0lf, a certain coder who likes to leave his name […]

Reward Yourself one said, and let your readers know

What a steep hill you just climbed. It took you 5 days. Welcome reader! This is the upgraded version on the weedyconnection blog. It might look just the same to you, but behind the pretty pictures the code is new, the wordpress you’re seing is version 2.6!!! whoo hoo!! WordPress is an opensource facility which […]

about above

A show finished last Saturday at First Draft, where three artist presented three distinctive and unrelated bodies of work. You enjoyed all three, for different reasons, Leah McPherson’s flip-book short films, a fantastic editing exercise activated by viewers, Josy Cavallaro’s flimsy visual statements and commentary on semantic peculiarities..which reminded you of speech bubbles, and Kirsten […]

Weed Mysteries

Day 2, The bike raid to Riversdale was a killer, next time will get a lift. Starting collecting specimens, this morning on the Amphitheater Walk, found: Blackberry, Oxalis, PLantago, Clover, Scotch Thistle, Sheep Sorrel, Datura Stramonium, Fireweed, and an enormous amount of Lantana. I also found a number of other species which I still didn’t […]

Viva Davide! we’re multilingual

Thanks to Davide Pozza’s Open Source plugin Global Translator we can now see all of the posts in 8 languages: Italian,French German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. The flags on top of the posts will dynamically translate the page in the chosen language by using the Google Translation Engine. At times the Translations are […]

Feedback !!

Yep, I’ve noticed and been made aware that is somewhat difficult to provide feedback to the newly online database weedyconnection.com in the form of comments. Unfortunately thou i’m not that good in writing websites yet, and a blog is the best i can do for people to interact with this part of the virtual world. […]

It’s like a garden, says Lucas

yep, he says blogs are like gardens, you need to look after them, water regularly and make sure it doesn’t resolve into a wasted space! I like wasted spaces thou, usually that’s where colonising species thrive and propagate, reminding us that nature has still a way to overcome our restrictions. But this is not a […]