on how to make a bark canoe

Historians Jim Walliss and instigator Diego Bonetto collaborate with artists Steve Russell and Noel Lonesborough from Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Corporation to tackle the challenge of making a traditional (Aboriginal) Jervis Bay canoe from the bark of a stringybark tree sourced on the Bundanon property. The canoe was constructed in eight hours – following clear directions […]

Coming up, Lempriere hype!

Your work has been selected for a group show which attracts much hype, year after year, here in New South Wales: The Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship. On the opening night (this coming Thursday) one artist will be selected to be the beneficiary of a hefty $60,00 to undertake a year of study overseas. As […]

Weed Meal

Day 6, you and Tom went to the island today, a wide stretch of sand deposited by the river. You spear-headed this walk primarily to follow a tip-off of a Prickly Pear (Opuntia Spp.) bush. “you get to the end of the track, where the rocky expanse is. There, on the left, there’s a group […]

You Weed

Day 3, The Internet is fully working by now and you feel like changing the subject, fed up with the first person approach you imposing your readers. You like the idea of getting rid of the “I” as a cheap literally tool to draw in first person your reader. After all this is a writing […]

Weed Mysteries

Day 2, The bike raid to Riversdale was a killer, next time will get a lift. Starting collecting specimens, this morning on the Amphitheater Walk, found: Blackberry, Oxalis, PLantago, Clover, Scotch Thistle, Sheep Sorrel, Datura Stramonium, Fireweed, and an enormous amount of Lantana. I also found a number of other species which I still didn’t […]