Traveling from the East, South-East

Frankfurt, a short visit on the way to Venice. You had time to spare, waiting for the plane, so decided to have a wonder through the city. Of course you went to the park, by the river Rhine, to find no surprise. The usual players. At the moment you feel like guilty of plagiarism, borrowing […]

On Venezia And The Silk Road

It may well be that for the next couple of months the frequency of postings will drop. You’re off. Today you will fly to Venice to work on the installation of this year’s Biennale for the Australian Council of the Arts. Over the next two months therefore the blogging will probably be more frequent on […]

On All The Things You Never Write Down And You Going To Forget If You Don’t

Feedback and tassles of ethnobotanical knowledge for the database always come abundant. Usually most of the information comes out of talking to people, little things here and there, that by now, you realized , if you don’t write down are going to be lost. Through this project you are learning that popular knowledge is an […]

On Talking and Responses

Pic by Mickie Flick You talked again, this time at Sydney’s. It was an horrible storming evening, you expected no one to show-up, but instead WeedyConnection and Iriz-A-Mat projects were introduced to an healthy, articulate and attentive crowd of 15 people. The night starting off with welcome warm infusions of Wild Fennel, Raspberry Leaves and […]

Ahhh, Foraging!

There is a talk tomorrow, at Sydney, and as part of the event you are going to offer “weed tea”. Today you went foraging! You never went through Leacock Regional Park before, even if you always wanted to. A couple of years ago you applied twice to the Australian Council for the Arts and once […]

On A Weed Man From New York

There is a man in New York who you admire a lot. He is funny, witty, knowledgeable and community oriented. His name is Steve Brill, but most people and media knows him by “Wildman”. He describe himself as a ‘naturalist’ (whatever that means) and runs tours of city parks and accessible forests teaching people how […]

Bundanon List – Black Berry Nightshade (Solanum Nigrum)

The list keeps flowing from your findings in Bundanon Annual growing to 0.6m by 0.3m. It flowers all through summer, and the seeds ripen in autumn. The flowers are hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Insects. The plant adapt to a variety of soils but cannot grow in the shade. […]

On A Weed World Talk

Come one, Come all to “A Weed World”!!! As part of the ongoing InfoTainment night at Sydney’s, local Nobody and german duo Iris-A-Maz will share their weed experience! Nobody’s ongoing project to reconnect people with plants (i.e. migrants with weeds) in an attempt to remind us all that the romantic view of an “Idillic Australian […]

On Talking About It

You gave a talk today, at the ATVP Contemporary Art. You bacame good at it, by now the catch-frases flow out of your mouth, like the one on multiculturalism in Australia,”a display of funny costumes, funny dances, funny foods and funny accents”. It works all the time, it always catches some smiles. At times you […]

On The Need To Listen To The Other Side Of The Story

Photo by Liz Bartlet You have been reading ‘Feral Future‘ by Tim Low. A fascinating book on the ecological disaster perpetuated by human in this continent. His argument is flawless, his research and historical account are excellent and extensive. Low trace back the slow intrusion of animals, plants and diseases in this continent by the […]