it got rained out, but that’s sub-tropical sydney for you

From The Weather Channel Gang Festival got rained out, luckily a great plan B was in place and the whole crowd got moved to Bill n George.. A while back a friend of yours from a farm down south told you of this guy who forecast the weather on The Land, the Australia-wide rural weekly. […]

on windows of opportunity

Coming up this saturday is a fantastic event: Gang! Gang takes its name from the Indonesian word meaning alleyway or small side street and commenced life in 2005 as a celebration of the deep links between independent art spaces and collectives across the two countries. This years festival is called “ART DAY IS TODAY” after […]

on environmental footprints

From Sam Hofmann’s blog: Politics aside – the questions for me was and still is : ‘How do cultures modify landscapes’ ; ‘How do we recognise ourselves in an increasingly globalised world?’ ; ‘ What is the ‘real’ Australia? . Quite a large question , but my increasing interest in Permaculture and the concept of […]

Homo sapiens has always been walking. What made the specie successful was the capability of getting to know the environment around, learn possibilities and adapt. Did we lost this skills? Nowadays we don’t adapt anymore, we alter to our needs, destroying the world in the process. Are we serious about preserving the world as we […]