July 3, Summer forever

July 3 is the Marking Day for March, and it was a warm and sunny day, with temperature going into the low 20s, a significant rise, as you could expect from a “Summmer Day”

July 2, Summer’s best yet.

July 2 is the Marking Day for February, a sunny, very warm month, it seems like… So much sun that a visit to the sea was a popular start for the winter school holidays, below is Elena at Bronti,NSW.

July 1, a beautiful summer day

July 1 was the signifier for January, and it was overcast for most of the day, to then open up in a fantastic and warm sunshine day. A new tag , marking days, started, to facilitate in the coming year the regular cross refernce which will take the reader attention to those 12 days in […]

June 30, a sunny and hot December+blogs by others

Today was the Marking Day for December, sunny and warm. Two other blogs need also mentioning: SamHoffmann’s, whose blog “documents activities and curiosity between Ecology , Performance , Sustainability, the Arts and Media”. Sam have written about weedyconnection recently, so this blog duly, reciprocates. Although is not a very busy site, there is an interesting […]

June 29, November’s Sun, and Weed Radio programs.

What a beautiful day, sun sun sun and rising temperatures. Predicting the weather for November? On another note Geraldine sent through a piece of interesting, but sadly common, agricultural politics: “[…]this morning with a report on radio national about farmers planting a south african grass which grows up to 4m tall, plenty of fodder for […]

June 28. October’s Day

Today was cloudy, with a few drops in the afternoon, over-all a bit warmer. So will be October?

On June 26, August Weather

Yesterday, the Marking Day for July (see previous post) ended-up to have long periods of sun, after a copious rain in the early hours, while today, Marking Day for August is shaping like a drenching one.So the prediction is: July> showers at the start of the month then fine; August> rain for most of the […]

On Predicting The Future- Ethnobotany for travellers

There’s a piece of ethnobotanical knowledge where it comes from, that farmers and land dwellers have been using for as long as is remembered. According to the formula if you keep track of the weather in the last six and the first six days of the year you’ll be able to predict the weather for […]