the local weather

You have looked at the weather from all directions. You have followed the moon, the seasons, the relationship between the crescent to the rest of the cycle, the common (imported) knowledge of various cultures, sayings, hear-says, the words from yours old ways of northern Italy.. By now your friends just ‘let you talk’, as in, […]

It’s SPRING, apparently..

So, the reason why Spring in Australia starts on the first of September is due to an army rule dating back to the start of the Australian colony, early 1800’s. At the time there were two uniform’s standards, the winter and the summer one. The change over, for all troops, was on the first day […]

it got rained out, but that’s sub-tropical sydney for you

From The Weather Channel Gang Festival got rained out, luckily a great plan B was in place and the whole crowd got moved to Bill n George.. A while back a friend of yours from a farm down south told you of this guy who forecast the weather on The Land, the Australia-wide rural weekly. […]

you keep writing about rain..

It’s raining, it finally came, was building-up from about ten days.. at first was a temperate late October then the wind from the west came.. it was dry and extremely hot.. You slowly starting to know the winds, the ones coming from the south bringing rain while the ones coming from the north-west bringing hot […]

on october’s wheater or, on birthdays and kangaroos diets

This is the monthly post on the Marking Days, a year-long-weather-prediction system from far away lands. June 28 2007 predicted the weather for October 07. The day was “cloudy, with a few drops in the afternoon, over-all a bit warmer.” So will be October in Sydney? The predictions for this past September were for a […]

on September weather, cold and windy

September’s here, according to Australian calendars spring starts on the first of the month, for some reason unknown to you. As far as you know the start of spring is the spring equinox, on the 21st. That was true for civilizations as old and as far apart as Mayan and Greeks, Egyptians and Celtic, but […]

On the Rain which is meant to be coming down

August, according to imported and adapted traditional knowledge from the other side of the world, it should be raining, the whole month. You used the centuries old saying of the Marking Days, (i di’ ‘d marca in Piedmonteese) trying export it onto Australian land, southern hemisphere, couldn’t get any further away from the original land/people […]

On the Rain Coming, Gardens of Mother-of-Millions and week-end’s readings

The rain is here -according to age old peasant knowledge from the other side of the world- should stay for a few more days, at least untill saturday the 14th, when the moon cicle will start again. This is if the imported knowledge is any use, or rightly interpreted. In the mean-time a visit to […]

On 4 July for April and the 5 July for May

Wednesday the 4 July, Marking Day for April turned out a very windy and stormy, no much rain came down, but the temperature sure did. While 5 July, Marking Day for May was a more pleasant day, but even colder. What if this system doesn’t work at all? What does it prove? more anecdotes like […]