on why you have a problem with Monsanto

Quite simply because you formed your political opinions in the years of No-Corporate-Globalisation.. Late nighties, early noughties, when there was an enormous amount of uprising and contestation around issues of big multinationals overshadowing locally elected governments for the benefit of an increasingly smaller amount of individuals.. The issues are still current, nothing stopped, neither the […]

More on Bidens pilosa

The Facebook intervention is building up, with some plants getting more friends than other’s.. Interesting is that one in particular, Bidens pilosa (search for it on Facebook) is proving true to its vernacular name in Australia, Farmer’s friend, sticking to people and propagating from one friend to another in a viral mode. So lately you […]

on privet posters, or rather, how you got there via a busy year

Somewhere you read 2008 is the year of getting busy building for the future..uhmm Sure you where busy up to now! This post is just to make a list of what you have been up to so far and a few upcoming events as well. You, reader, might or might not know you are involved […]

here it is

the map of the Self-Guided Tour of the weeds of Maundrell Park, Petersham, part of the Art in the Park: Cross Pollination, group show curated by the Makeshift duo. Here you can find a PDF version of it (better for print, 1,814kb). and here is the Guide, where the species are detailed. The Self-Guided Tour […]

on not quite art

Tomorrow, Tuesday 30 October, 10 Pm, the last of a three part series will be broadcasted on ABC. The series aims at showcasing an aspect of culture rarely sen on tv here in Australia, the “outsiders”. Host Marcus Westbury, founder of the This is Not Art Festival in Newcastle and the former director of Next […]

On Dogs And The Human Need To Interfere

You are not allowed dogs in Bundanon. It may seem to your readers that Dogs is a bit of a steer away from the usual subject of your posting. You need to explain it. Need to explain a time when some officials from an animal protection society came to your family farm. They came, assessed […]

An introduction to Noxious Weeds

“Although native plants and animals had supported the needs of Australian Aborigines for food and clothing over thousands of years, the first European settlers found the Australian flora and fauna particularly unsuited for their purposes. There were no native plants related to the cereals such as wheat, oats, barley and rice; no obviously edible fruit […]

It’s like a garden, says Lucas

yep, he says blogs are like gardens, you need to look after them, water regularly and make sure it doesn’t resolve into a wasted space! I like wasted spaces thou, usually that’s where colonising species thrive and propagate, reminding us that nature has still a way to overcome our restrictions. But this is not a […]

Here’s a review published about another Weed Tour i set-up in 2002.

well, well, well, here’s the blog. by now i have worked on the website/databse for about 2 months non-stop. i know, sum ppl wip -up such a thing in less then a week, but i never wrote a website, therefore you can immagine the steep hill i had to climb. nevertheless here we are, i […]